The Load section of the Xml document can sometime contain settings for the load process to target Geodatabases. In earlier versions of the tools the connection file names/paths were set in the Xml file, but this was changed to be parameters since it was difficult to move projects between computers with this approach. One example is shown below:


A short description is provided below:

  • FieldNames – Used with the GP tool “UpdateByFieldValue”, this is the list of fields to look in for unique values for updating the database. It could be a floorplan identifier as shown here, or it could be any other field in the database that is a logical set of data to replace from the Gizinta update.
  • VersionName – Again, for UpdateByFieldValue, this is the name of the version to be used to make updates to the database. This version will be created for each FieldNames item, existing rows will be deleted, and new rows will be appended. If everything works, the version is reconciled and posted to the default version, otherwise the version is deleted, the failure is logged and the next item is processed.
  • DefaultVersionName – Depending on how the SDE database was set up this will usually be DBO.Default or SDE.Default.