Gizinta is a set of tools that simplify GIS data movement between databases and organizations.

We’re changing the way users manage their GIS datasets with simpler, supported tools that save time and money.

Gizinta is available in both Esri ArcGIS and Safe Software FME versions.


Did you get the name? Say it out loud: “My Data … goesinta … ArcGIS”.

Gizinta is made by the people at Vertex3 – we built X-Ray for ArcGIS and have been involved in doing this kind of work on projects for many years.


Gizinta is fully customizable and will help you to easily:

  • Extract from source datasets
  • Configure and automatically transform datasets to predefined data models
  • Perform source-target quality checks
  • Update Geodatabases with the results with options for partial and full updates

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